Potential Patriots Roadblocks



Ok, so we’re through Week 6 of the NFL season and Pats fans must be feeling pretty good. 5-1, Tom (the GOAT) Brady coming off 2 spectacular performances, Gronk back to his all star form, and facing a Ben Roethlisberger-less Steelers team next week. It sure looks like smooth sailing from here. Before we start buying our tickets to Houston though, there are a few concerning games on the schedule that may bring our beloved Patriots back down to Earth.

Week 8 at Bills
Buffalo came to Gillette in Week 4 and laid a beating on an injured Jacoby Brissett-led Pats team. Sound like a fluke? Well, maybe, but the Bills have proved in the past 4 weeks that they are definitely a legit contender. With a top 10 defense and the combo of Tyrod Taylor and Shady McCoy coming out of the backfield on the Pats mediocre run defense, look for this game to be a tough one.

Week 10 vs Seahawks
Even casual Patriots fans remember the interception that won Super Bowl XLIX. Well, the Seahawks certainly remember it as well, and there’s nothing they would like more than a little revenge in prime time on our own turf. Russell Wilson hasn’t played his best yet this season, but everyone knows what he’s capable of. Even though the Seahawks have a good team, it is the revenge factor that scares me about this game. (Also, look for Pete Carroll to call a running play from the one yard line this time.)

Week 15 at Broncos
Let’s face it. The Broncos have owned the Patriots in Denver recently, winning the past 3 matchups there, 2 of them being the AFC Championship. You have to go back to 2011 to find the last time the Pats beat the Broncos on the road. Maybe it’s the thin air, or maybe it’s just Von Miller and company being a pain in the neck to Brady and the Pats offense. And with Trevor Siemian exceeding everyone’s expectations, the defending Super Bowl Champs are a force to be reckoned with again this year. This game will, without a doubt, be a great battle.

The Patriots are a great team, but they have some obstacles they need to overcome before they can make a big postseason run. If these games go the Pats’ way, we could very well be looking at a 15-1 team heading into January.

by Danny Barletta