Brady Beats Up on Browns, Pats Win 33-13

England Patriots v Cleveland Browns

(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

Sure feels good having the greatest quarterback of all time back on the field!

Pretty much to the surprise of, well, nobody, the Patriots rolled into Cleveland and basically stomped the soul right out of those poor, poor, Cleveland Browns and all of their miserable fans.

A 33-13 win is not bad, but pre-game I was hoping for 40.

First and foremost, let’s talking about Tom Brady shall we? Misses four weeks, battling Father Time, must be a little rusty. Ha, good one. Brady threw for 406 yards and had 3 touchdown passes, all to his new tight end, Martellus Bennett. The other tight end didn’t do too bad, either. Rob Gronkowski had 1 catch for 11 yards at the time of Brady’s arrival, but quickly brushed the notion of injury concerns to the side with a 5 catch, 109 yard day. The Patriots finally have the dominant tight end duo that they have been searching for since the arrest of Aaron Hernandez. The pair should continue to be a nightmare for NFL defenses all year, and as Sunday proved, the Pats can feed one of their 6’6 weapons 3 touchdowns, and the other can strike for 100 yards. Is there any way to stop that? Simply put, no, there really isn’t.

Blount-horse back to being just Blount. Big man rumbled for only 37 yards on 18 carries. Did have a touchdown, though.

Defensively, the Pats were good, not great. Allowing 13 points is never bad, but remember, they were playing the Cleveland Browns. To start the game, they trotted out some guy named Cody Kessler, then he got hurt. In comes Terrelle Pryor; he did play QB in college so that ain’t too bad. Oh, don’t worry, they brought in an actual quarterback a few plays later. If you want to count Charlie Whitehurst as an actual NFL quarterback. Charlie threw his 11th career touchdown in only his 10th year in the league! Congratulations, Charlie!

With the ongoing mess at the quarterback position, the Browns had been successful with the ground game coming into week 5. Through the first four weeks, Isaiah Crowell had 494 yards on 61 attempts. This past Sunday, he was held to 22 yards on 13 carries.

Brady’s back, another week, another win. Pats sitting 4-1, atop the AFC East. Sadly for the city of Cincinnati, the Bengals got handed the misfortune of playing the Patriots in Tom Brady’s first game back home. Should win by 20.

Wake me up for the AFC championship.

By Mark Panzini