Down 0-2, Are the Red Sox done?

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(AP Photo/David Dermer)

It’s safe to say that the first two games of the American League Division Series didn’t go as planned, with the two “aces” of the Sox staff both giving up 5 earned runs in their respective starts. As the series heads back to Boston, there is no doubt that there is tension in the minds of Sox fans. But should they abandon ship just yet? History says yes, as only 12% of teams down 0-2 have ever come back to win the division series.

However, history doesn’t account for one huge factor, and his name is David Ortiz. If there’s one thing that Sox fans know, it’s that history and statistics don’t mean anything when Big Papi is involved.

Of course, it won’t be easy. Buchholz and Rodriguez will definitely have to step up and give solid outings, the extremely talented lineup will have to bounce back and perform to their potential, and Big Papi may have to show some of his postseason Fenway magic that put him on the map over a decade ago.

Whatever the case, if this series goes back to Cleveland, Game 5 will be a showdown. It’s up to the Sox team that found a way to win all season whether or not it will get there. The players on the roster, the coaching staff, and all of Red Sox nation want to see Big Papi go out with a bang, not a whimper. So are the Red Sox out? I wouldn’t say so. Not yet. But they need to show up ready to win today at 4:30.

by Danny Barletta